Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meet the Mets That Sucked

Welcome to the archive of miserable Met moments, the museum of every walking nightmare to don the Met uniform and suck, the central repository for every useless .230 hitter and batting practice pitcher the Mets have featured over the years.

My fellow Mets fans may ask, why remember that which we would like to forget? Why "go there?"

Do I wish to shame these players? In some cases, yes. Do I wish to shame the organization? If anything, I'd like them to stop wasting roster spots on players who should be in AAA or worse. We'll see how things develop. It will probably be a mix of biting humor, a twisted sort of nostalgia, and commentary on the current state of Mets affairs.

Don't like the idea?

Fuck off.

Even if you aren't a Met fan, and these names and memories mean nothing to you, know that a visit to this site is a reminder that no matter what has you in a lousy mood, it could always be worse.